RoboCup German Open Rescue 2021 at the DRZ

The RoboCup German Open rescue robotics league was held this year from 27-30 September in Dortmund at the Competence Center for Robotics (DRZ). Six teams from three nations faced the challenges in the disciplines Mobility, Maneuvering and Dexterity. In addition to the four experienced teams Hector, AutnonOHM, Dynamics (Austria) and Francor, two newcomers also took part this year, Team Siemens Space Agency and Team Club Capra, which travelled from Canada. Details of the competition and a list of all winners can be found here.

Due to the very good working and competition conditions for the participating teams, a staging of the RoboCup German Open rescue robot league will also be considered in 2022 in Dortmund at the DRZ.

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