RoboCup German Open 2023

The German RoboCup Regional Committee is glad to announce the RoboCup German Open 2023. As in 2022, the RoboCup German Open will be organized in a decentralized manner in five different cities. The organizers of the decentralized German Open are convinced that the 19th event of the RoboCup German Open series will give RoboCup in Germany and in Europe further impetus for the next few years. The following robotic competitions will be held in 2023:
RoboCup League Place Time
Standard Platform League & Humanoid League (GORE 2023) Hamburg April 27-30, 2023 25th and 26th as setup days
German RoboCupJunior Final * Kassel April 27-30, 2023
Logistics League Aachen April 27-30, 2023 24th, 25th and 26th as setup days
Rescue Robot League Dortmund April 23-27, 2023
RoboCup@Work Magdeburg June 1-3, 2023
Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge Nürnberg 27 October to 1 November, 2023
* The RoboCupJunior Final will bring together the best 180 Junior teams from the presently active 565 Junior teams in Germany. They are qualified from the 8 regional RoboCupJunior tournaments in Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Kassel, Mannheim, Rastede, Sankt Augustin and Vöhringen.