RoboCup Junior Leagues

RoboCup Junior is RoboCup for schools. Teams of young girls and boys with an age between 10 and 19 years construct and program their autonomous robots in one of three different leagues.

Soccer: Here, football robots are developed and programmed to independently orientate themselves on the pitch, find the ball and put it into the goal. Two robots play per team, which are allowed to have a diameter of 22 cm.

Rescue: The rescue robots must autonomously follow a black line through a labyrinth containing several rooms and a ramp. In doing so, they have to recognize obstacles and avoid them. At the end of the course, the robots have to find an object and transport it to a certain area.

OnStage: For the OnStage Challenge, the teams design costumes and choreography and dance together with their robots to music of their choice on a stage. The robots have to be programmed to move to the music. The performances are judged by a jury of experts.

The current rulebooks for the German RoboCup Junior Championship 2022 can be found here.